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hi, i’m cherie

I have a long career in writing and editing, and in 2018 began transitioning into audio storytelling and production; that is, podcasting. I now do both.

writing & audio

Do you need blog posts or website content? Are you looking to refresh marketing materials? Are you an artist who needs an artist statement? I have over twenty years of writing and editing experience, and have covered an enormous variety of subjects, from workplace safety to fine art; health and fitness to gardening. I write blog and guest article posts (to SEO specs when required), marketing materials, essays, and articles. I have also edited and copyedited many books.

Dave Mackey’s Comeback Story, on “Only a Game”

Back in August 2018, I started transitioning from working only with written text to producing and narrating audio stories. My first story aired on the excellent NPR sports show, out of WBUR Boston, “Only a Game.” It was a great pleasure to work with [...]

Becoming Comrades: A Podcast Series in the Making

This year I’m traveling to South Africa for the first time, with my husband. The impetus for the trip is Comrades, the world’s oldest, longest-running footrace. It’s a point-to-point event that traverses the 89 kilometers, or roughly 55 miles, [...]

Your Personal Trainer: Travel Ready Fitness

I write a bi-weekly blog for Body Balance Fitness, Massage, and Nutrition. This is a recent sample.  It’s that time of year to look to your personal trainer or your self-styled fitness regime and focus on getting your body ready for travel. While it’s important to [...]

writing & audio.

Please contact me with your writing, editing and audio needs. I’d love to hear from you.