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hi, i’m cherie

I have a long career in writing and editing, and in 2018 began transitioning into audio storytelling and production; that is, podcasting and radio. I now do both.

writing & editing

Do you need blog posts or website content? Are you looking to refresh marketing materials? Are you an artist who needs an artist statement? I have over twenty years of writing and editing experience, and have covered an enormous variety of subjects, from workplace safety to fine art; health and fitness to gardening. I write blog and guest article posts (to SEO specs when required), marketing materials, essays, and articles. I have also edited and copyedited many books.

Becoming Comrades: A Podcast Series in the Making

This year I’m traveling to South Africa for the first time, with my husband. The impetus for the trip is Comrades, the world’s oldest, longest-running footrace. It’s a point-to-point event that traverses the 89 kilometers, or roughly 55 miles, [...]

Your Personal Trainer: Travel Ready Fitness

I write a bi-weekly blog for Body Balance Fitness, Massage, and Nutrition. This is a recent sample.  It’s that time of year to look to your personal trainer or your self-styled fitness regime and focus on getting your body ready for travel. While it’s important to [...]

My Ongoing Obsession with Posture

In the world of working out and personal training, it can often appear that it’s about lifting big weights, weight loss, being tough, and getting strong. But if you don’t have good posture and you don’t have proper movement patterns and do have muscle [...]

writing & editing.

Please contact me with your writing and editing needs. I’d love to hear from you.