Get an inside look at epic journeys that begin and end with a single stride.

Each biweekly documentary-style episode tells the story of one woman’s experiences in the world of marathon and ultra marathon running. Host and narrator Cherie Louise Turner takes you into this fascinating endurance sport to discover what compels women of all walks of life from around the world to go the distance.

From world record setters to mid-life fitness seekers, the stories vary as much as the runners who share them. Discover the joys and pain of pushing boundaries, and the lessons you walk away with. You may be even be inspired to follow in their footsteps. Where will your body take you?

The inaugural 10-episode season focuses on experiences in and around the Comrades Marathon, a 90-kilometer, or roughly 56-mile, road race that takes place each year in South Africa. It’s the oldest and largest ultra-distance footrace in the world.

Guests for season one include South African running legend Blanche Moila; Comrades Champions Camille Herron and Ann Ashworth; elite runners Enie Manzini, Renata Vosloo, Devon Yanko, and Anjali Saraoji; Comrades Ambassadors and multi-time finishers Cathy Hopkins and Shirley Mosiakgabo; first-time runner Karen Williams, who earned her finish with one second to spare; and Comrades Chairperson and 1981 Champion Cheryl Winn.

Want to get inside the experience of running 56 miles in one of the most storied running races in the world? Tune in.

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