Strides Forward features stories about women and running, told one woman at a time, from a wide range of runners from around the world. Because running is about the simple, primal rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other, but it’s about so much more.

The first episode launched March 25, 2020, and will publish every two weeks. The inaugural 10-episode season focuses on experiences in and around the Comrades Marathon, a 90-kilometer, or roughly 56-mile, road race that takes place each year in South Africa. It’s the oldest and largest ultra-distance footrace in the world.

Guests for season one include South African running legend Blanche Moila, Camille Herron, Devon Yanko, Anjali Saraoji, Comrades Ambassadors Cathy Hopkins and Shirley Mosiakgabo, among others.

Want to get inside the experience of running 56 miles in one of the most storied running races in the world? Tune in.

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Strides Forward is hosted and produced by Cherie Louise Turner, in the Boston area, where the support for running and podcasting is exceptional: Cherie is a member of the PRX Podcast Garage and Somerville Road Runners.

Graphics, logo, and website are created by April Marriner of Bonfire Collaborative, in the most excellent town of Truckee, CA.

Original music and sound design are created by Cormac O’Regan, founding member of Playtoh, from the great city of Cork, Ireland.