Dave Mackey’s Comeback Story, on “Only a Game”

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Back in August 2018, I started transitioning from working only with written text to producing and narrating audio stories. My first story aired on the excellent NPR sports show, out of WBUR Boston, “Only a Game.” It was a great pleasure to work with producer Martin Kessler, showrunner and executive producer Karen Given, producers Gary Waleik and Jonathan Chang, and technical director Marquis Neal at the WBUR studios in Boston.

In this story—”The Fall Should Have Killed Me”: Dave Mackey Returns to Ultrarunning With One Leg—ultrarunner and athlete Dave Mackey shares his journey experiencing a freak trail-running accident, how that led to his subsequent decision to have his lower left leg amputated, and on to how he returned to ultrarunning and cycling events, using a prosthetic. He reveals how he has twice completed the Leadman series, in 2018 and 2019, as a one-legged athlete.

Thank you to Dave Mackey for sharing his incredible and very personal journey. The story aired on October 25, 2019, and now lives on in podcast form. Please, have a listen.

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