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HEYA, WELCOME TO MY catch-all venue for writing about things I love or that are otherwise making space in my brain. I have a passion for animal conservation, specifically Asian elephants and Bonobos, and I’ll talk about that. I wrote about art for two decades, and still love to write about great projects, shows, works, and artists when I find them. I lived in Cork City, Ireland, for a year, October 2017 to October 2018, and I fell in love with it. Expect words about that. I’ll write about being a non-drinking adult after being a drinking adult most of my adult life. Traveling will be a subject because I do it a lot, and I love it. Maybe I’ll write about about a TV show or two, and I’ll definitely talk about podcasts. I’ll write about learning to make podcasts, too, as I embark on that journey, and about my home in South Boston, where I moved when I (reluctantly) left Ireland. I’ll certainly write about work by Irish authors. Physical well-being, that’ll be here, too. I’m a certified personal trainer, I write about well-being for another blog, and I’m a lifelong athlete, so movement, fitness, and health are a big part of my everyday world. I also write about workplace safety a lot these days, for a great cutting tool company called Slice, so who knows? Maybe I’ll share some of that. Much of my professional writing and editing background has been in regional lifestyle publications, which means I covered anything that had to do with lifestyle or, well, living. So, anything and everything. I loved the variety. I still do. I’ll post every two weeks, so you know the rhythm. Please share your thoughts, and share this blog. And thank you for reading.


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