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I work with clients in person and remotely. My primary focus is on mastering the basics of healthy movement: breath, full range of motion, balance, strength, and correct posture and movement patterns. I have a passion for helping clients find the joy in movement and also getting in touch with their bodies: my approach therefore addresses foundational movements we utilize in daily life, imbalances and lack of flexibility to heal or prevent injuries, and paying close attention to the feedback our bodies continually give us.

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remote training

  • Assessment
    • One-Time “Get Acquainted” Evaluation
    • Assess Needs and Goals
    • Provide Custom Training Program
    • Weekly Check-In for One Month
  • As Needed
    • Follow-Up Check-In after “Assessment” Package
    • Assess Progress and Update Goals
    • Update Training Program
    • Weekly Check-Ins for One Month
  • Ongoing
    $80/ Monthly
    • Ongoing Training after “Assessment” Package
    • Monthly Progress Assessment &Update Goals
    • Monthly Update to Training Program
    • Weekly Check-Ins

my story

I’ve been an athlete my whole life. To redirect my high energy, my mom enrolled me in ballet soon after I began walking. Then it was gymnastics for five days a week from ages five to thirteen. High school swim team was up next, until I discovered cycling at age sixteen. I was immediately hooked! I raced for nine seasons, focusing on shorter road races and the track. I earned  my way on to a professional cycling team headed by former world champion Marianne Berglund. Our team raced throughout the United States and Canada. Post–cycling career, I delved into in-line speed skating, then running and yoga; the latter two pursuits I pursue to this day. I run road and trail races of distances from 5km to 50 miles, and recently completed the fiercely stormy 2018 Boston Marathon. 

I’ve also healed myself through two slipped discs, one in my lower back and one in my neck. This is ultimately what led me to pursue personal training. I recognized that, while I have always been a fit and healthy person, I had also built up muscle imbalances and range of motion deficiencies. I got back to the basics of healthy movement and this led me to want to teach this to others. I use my experiences knowledge, and daily practice of learning and experimenting on myself to help people of all ages and ability levels work toward a pain-free and fun movement practice. 

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