Strides Forward Resources for Women Runners, Adventurers, Athletes*

Entries are in no particular order, and there is a heavy emphasis on resources focused on running. Do you know a resource that isn’t mentioned here? Please contact me.

(* I want to give a special shout out to Alison Wade and her Fast Women newsletter as well as the Fast Women community on FaceBook for many of these recommendations. Without them, this list would be much shorter!)

Podcasts About Running, Adventurers, Sports, Hosted by Women, Featuring Women

Keeping-Track, hosted by Alysia Montaño, Molly Huddle, and Roisin McGettigan

She Runs Trails, hosted by Melody Dowlearn

Strong Runner Chicks, hosted by Megan Flanagan, Kelsey Varzeas, and Elena Lancioni

Melsays, hosted by Melissa Hetu

Triple Knot, by Haley Markos

More Than Running with Dana Giordano, hosted by Dana Giordano

Women’s Running Podcast, by Women’s Running Magazine UK

Running on Om, hosted by Julia Hanlon

Another Mother Runner, hosted by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

Trail Running Women, hosted by Hilary Spires

Women Run Canada, hosted by Kirsten Parker

She Explores, hosted by Gale Straub

Women on the Road, hosted by Laura Borichevsky

Hear Her Sports, hosted by Elizabeth Emery

Tough Girl, hosted by Sarah Williams

Podcasts About Running (or Sports), Hosted by Women

Hurdle, hosted by Emily Abbate

The Run Wave, hosted by Kimberley Williams

Run Farther + Faster: The Boston Marathon Podcast, hosted by Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann

Running for Real, hosted by Tina Muir

The Start Line, hosted by Dee and Petrina

C Tolle Run, hosted by Carrie Tollefson

I’ll Have Another, hosted by Lindsey Hein

Up + Running, hosted Lauren Floris and Abby Stanley

Run This World, hosted by Nicole DeBoom

Ali On the Run, hosted by Ali Feller

NPR’s Only a Game, showrunner and host Karen Given

Burn It All Down, hosted by Shireen Ahmed, Amira Rose Davis, Brenda Elsey, Lindsay Gibbs, Jessica Luther



Run Young 50: A Blog About Women Over 50 Running in the UK, by Katie Holmes

Run I See 50, Black Woman Running, by Dr. Tiffany Chenault

Strong Runner Chicks

Ultra Runner Girl, by Stephanie Case

Project Love Run, by Filsan Abdiaman

This Hijabi Runs, by Tazneem “Taz” Anwar

The New Story Run, by Rosie Watson

Trail Sisters

The Mirnavator, by Mirna Valerio

Salty Running

Black Girls Run 

Running in Silence, by Rachael Steil

Free to Run

Run Far Girl, by Sarah Canney

Operation Move: Transform Your Life with Running

Race Ipsa Loquitur, by Amelia Boone

The Runners Trip, by Sarah Lavender Smith

The Hijabi Runner, Running for Change, by Zahra Arabzada

Rabbit Food Runner, by Becca

The Runner Beans

Becky Runs Away, by Becky Wade

Racing Stripes, by Elizabeth Clor

Marathoner Dale, by Dale Erdmier

Lessons in Badassery: Badass Women in Sport, Fitness, and Adventure, by Katie Spyrka

Marvellous Mimi, by Mimi Anderson

Personal Running Blog, by Devon Yanko

Magazines and Newsletters 

Fast Women newsletter, by Alison Wade: there is also a Fast Women blog and Facebook group

Women’s Running (US) magazine

Women’s Running (UK) magazine

Run the North, by Erin Balser

The Kick newsletter, by Molly Mirhashem

Power Plays! newsletter, by Lindsay Gibbs

Books About Women and Running

Fast Girl, by Suzy Favor Hamilton

No Finish Line: My Life As I See It, by Marla Runyan

Paula: My Story So Far, by Paula Radcliffe

The Extra Mile, by Pam Reed

Running Home, by Katie Arnold

Runner, by Lizzy Hawker

A Beautiful Work in Progress, A Memoir, by Mirna Valerio

Olympic Collision, by Kyle Keiderling

Collision Course, by Jason Henderson

The Mum Runs, by Jo Pavey

American Women’s Track and Field, 1981–2000, by Louise Mead Tricard

Beyond Impossible, by Mimi Anderson

Running: A Love Story, by Jen A. Miller

The Pants of Perspective, by Anna McNuff

Marathon Woman, by Kathrine Switzer

Feel-Good Fitness, by Alysia Montaño

Running Tide, by Joan Benoit Samuelson

American Women’s Track and Field: A History, 1895 Through 1980, by Louise Mead Tricard

The Fragile Champion: Doris Brown Who Always Ran the Extra Mile, by Ken Foreman

What Made Maddy Run, by Kate Fagan

Run the World, by Becky Wade Firth

Run Like a Mother, by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

Train Like a Mother, by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

Tales from Another Mother Runner, collection of essays edited by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

First Ladies of Running, by Amby Burfoot

Marathon Crasher, by Merry Lepper

A Long Time Coming, by Jacqueline Hansen

Fast Girls, by Elise Hooper

Fire on the Track, by Roseanne Montillo

The Beauty of Running, by Gayle Barron

Let Your Mind Run, by Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton

Dandelion Growing Wild, by Kim Jones

Strong, by Kara Goucher

The Girl Who Ran, by Frances Poletti and Kristina Yee 

Underdog, by Kim Conley

Fearlessly Frosty: The Mighty Story of Mountain Runner Anna Frost, by Chloe Chick

A Race Like No Other, by Liz Robbins

Runner, by Lizzy Hawker

First Ladies of Running, by Amby Burfoot

Running for Women, by Joan Benoit Samuelson and Gloria Averbuch

Running Tide, by Joan Benoit with Sally Baker

Mighty Moe, by Rachel Swaby and Kit Fox

Becoming Boston Strong, by Amy Noelle Roe

Bravey, by Alexi Pappas

Good for a Girl, by Lauren Fleshman (coming soon)