“Strides Forward”: What “Becoming Comrades” Became

 In Strides Forward podcast

Last year I wrote about my podcast-in-the-making, and then I was calling it Becoming Comrades. That evolved into what is now Strides Forward, stories of women and running, told one woman at a time.

I have just launched the trailer (it’s available on all the regular apps, including RadioPublic and Spotify) and the first episode drops March 25, 2020. The inaugural 10-episode season will publish bi-weekly. The theme of this season, fittingly, is experiences in and around the Comrades Marathon, a 90-km, or roughly 56-mile road race that takes place each year in South African. It’s the largest and oldest ultra-distance footrace in the world.

I am thrilled to feature a wide range of runners, from around the world. And I am incredibly thankful for all of the women who agreed to share their stories for this inaugural season. I am also thrilled to return to South Africa this year and run Comrades.


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